There is a strike and my train is not running! What do I do?

In case of a strike, SNCF and other carriers take measures which vary depending on the disturbance (e.g. delayed train, cancelled train and etc.). 

Firstly, it is very important that you do inform yourself of exactly what your options are and whether your train is still running. You can do this by asking at the station, calling the SNCF on 3635 or having a look at their  real-time traffic website.

If your train is not running at all due to a strike then your ticket will usually be refundable. Though please consider the following options below to see what the best course of action is for you.

Option 1: Use your ticket for another train (free of charge).

Generally speaking, the SNCF will introduce compensation measures that allow you to take another train with your existing ticket. However, this depends on the impact of the strike. 

  • With smaller strikes (that are usually not nationwide), you can ask for a replacement ticket at a ticket counter at a train station. Or, you can also call the SNCF on 3635. 
  • For larger strikes (generally nationwide), you can use your ticket for another train that is travelling on the same day, free of charge. You may also be able to use the ticket on another day, if it is still within the strike affected period. Please note there is no guarantee of seat. 

The best course of action is to not cancel your ticket, especially if you have received a low fare, so you can use it for another train. If you do purchase a new ticket for a train and if there is an eventual price difference, this will not be covered by the SNCF and instead is the customer’s responsibility. The SNCF will also not refund the new ticket in accordance with their strike conditions. Only unused tickets are refundable.

Option 2: Forfeit your travel and receive a refund

If you choose to not travel due to your train being cancelled then you are eligible for a complete refund regardless of the original fare conditions. 

  • You can cancel your tickets directly with Trainline. Please visit the Tickets section and select the “Cancel” button. If you are proposed with a full refund (i.e. no fees deducted) you can confirm and validate it.
  • If the cancellation does not work or you are not proposed with a full refund (i.e. there is a fee being deducted or the ticket appears as non-refundable) contact us:

Please pay very close attention when you are cancelling your ticket. If you are not proposed with a full refund and you still confirm the cancellation, we are not able to refund the cancellation fee imposed by the SNCF.