Can I get a refund directly from the rail operator?

A rail operator such as SNCF or Thalys may cancel or exchange your tickets. However they are not able to refund you, as the payment was processed by Trainline. So it is up to us to process the cancellation and refund you.

If you wish to obtain a refund, you should cancel your ticket in time (it is must be cancelled before the train departs if you want a refund/exchange). If you have cancelled your ticket at the station or over the phone then you can get in touch with us here and then we can reimburse you.

We have had some reports that sometimes ticket agents have tried to avoid cancelling tickets by claiming that this can only be done by the relevant ‘travel agency’ that has been booked through (which would be us!). We have even experienced this ourselves! However please be aware that they are indeed required to cancel your ticket so do not hesitate to insist on this.

Have you received a refund voucher?

If you have received a voucher such as a Bon de Caisse, you can mail it to us and we will credit your  Trainline account. We cannot take any responsibility for lost or stolen post. Please send the vouchers via insured post to:

Trainline Europe

20 rue Saint-Georges

75009 Paris


If you are travelling and have an data connection, we advise that you cancel your tickets on our website, on our iOS app (download here) or our Android app (download here). It is the fastest and simplest way :)