Centralized payment with a corporate card or AMEX BTA card

Available for Premium subscribers only.

If you have a Premium Subscription and you wish to set up a shared payment system, you have two options:

The shared company credit card

The registered payment card for the account does not become the default payment card for bookings. It's meant to pay the Premium Subscription at the end of each period. The administrator can easily request to share this card through the site. 
It can be used by anyone in your Organisation who makes payments ( Supervisors, Travel Agents). The payment is immediate and it allows employees to avoid paying out-of-pocket. It's possible to add several cards and share them all.
If you switch back to the Free Subscription, the shared card feature will automatically be canceled.

The AMEX BTA lodger account

Unlike a shared card, the AMEX BTA account (or card) lets you centralise all your travel expenses with one single payment on each statement. It's a simple and efficient way to manage your employee's travel expenses.
Anyone in your organisation can be given access to this payment feature. And, you'll get a detailed breakdown of booking information, which you can customise to fit your own analytics criteria.
How does the card work with Trainline?
  • To start, please send a request to our customer support department who'll load your BTA card.
  • Once loaded, you can book your train tickets on Trainline, and choose this card at the payment screen.
  • All expenses made with this card will be grouped into a single account and a single statement, issued by American Express, linked to one deffered payment.
  • Using this card will give you visibility of your transactions, so you can wave goodbye to tricky expenses procedures.
More information:
  • Deferred payment of 43 days on average
  • Travel insurance for anyone whose travel is booked with the BTA card.
You can subscribe to the AMEX BTA card directly on the American Express website. Send us the details here and we'll activate it on your Trainline account.

We don't currently have other card offers.