How to approve or refuse a purchase request

Purchase requests are available for Premium subscribers only.

If you are a Supervisor, then Travellers or Travel Assistants may send you purchase requests. If this is the case, we’ll automatically notify you by email. You will also be able to find the details of the request in your cart.

Each purchase request includes the name of the sender and also their reason. Each request can either be:

  • Approved and payment will follow;
  • declined for a particular reason.

Approving a purchase request

To approve a request, you just need to proceed by clicking on the Pay button. You can of course pay for multiple requests at once, by selecting them in your cart.

Once you’ve made the payment, the tickets and a confirmation email will be sent to the Traveller and you’ll also receive a copy.

Declining a purchase request

If you do not want to approve a purchase request, you can click on Decline and indicate a reason. This will be sent to the person who made the purchase request and the ticket(s) will return to their cart. They can also make a new purchase request, taking your comments into consideration.