I want to depart/arrive at a different station but Trainline won’t let me. Why?

All trains have designated arrival and departure stations, which are determined by a variety of factors (departure station, direction of travel and capacity).

What does this mean?

Let’s say you want to take a train from Paris to Nice. Your hotel is close to Paris Gare du Nord, so it seems that it would be easiest to depart from there? Unfortunately this is not possible. You cannot choose from several arrival or departure stations in a city.

You will have to depart and arrive at the station which is shown on your ticket. As you are travelling to Nice, you can only depart from Paris Gare de Lyon. No trains to Nice depart from any other station.

Lastly, your departure station determines your arrival station. For example, if you are travelling from  Avignon Centre, you will arrive at Mâcon—Loché TGV. However, if you depart from Dijon you will arrive Mâcon Ville.