Can I search using a “via” station?

Our goal is to provide the most efficient internal search engine for booking your train tickets. So our system will automatically find you the most optimal route, rather than you having to find it yourself. 

Our website and Android app both offer a “via” feature if you wish to choose your own connection station. Our iOS app unfortunately does not yet offer this feature.

How can I travel via another station?

If you would like to travel to your destination via another route than the one suggested, you can always just book two separate tickets. This is a simple and generally cost-effective way to do it. Please be aware that we do have route filters that can be activated which will automatically leave out certain routes.

Or, you can use our via station feature. When entering your destination city on our website, you will see the option to include a via station. Click “via”and this will enable you to enter whichever connection station you prefer. 

On the Android app, simply select “via station” from the home screen and you can select a suggested via station or enter your own. 

If certain results do not seem wise or you notice any discrepancies, please do not hesitate to let us know.