I can’t choose my preferred seats!

On many trains you can select from a wide range of seating options. Such as: upstairs window, upstairs solo-seat, downstairs face-to-face and so on. 

However, there are certain trains which only allow for a limited seat selection (such as the Paris - Barcelona direct train). These trains will only allow you to choose from options such as:  downstairs aisle or upstairs window. They unfortunately do not allow you to select seats facing in the direction of travel. This is because of the way that the carriages and engines are configured and therefore the direction of the seats often changes and cannot be predicted.

On Renfe - SNCF trains, you will not be able to specify the face-to-face ‘Club Duo’ seats.

Unfortunately this is a parameter set by the reservation system of the rail operators, so it is not within our control. Of course we would like to offer more choices, but at this point in time some routes and some trains have fewer options than others.

Please be aware that the  seats preferences which you provide are unfortunately not guaranteed. Instead they are merely a preference and solely depend on availability. 

The option to choose your seat is not always available when making a booking. Some rail operators or trains do not offer seat reservations, or they do not allow you to specify a preference. Please see this article for more info.