Saving your card: 1-click payment explained

Once you have successfully paid for your tickets, we offer you the possibility to store your credit or debit card. We hope it allows you to save time on future and to give you a smooth payment process.

If you choose to do so, we store your card number in our homemade vault that was specifically created for this purpose. However, we never store your card’s security code (CVV), which needs to be entered for every purchase. Though that’s all you’ll have to do as it won’t be necessary to enter your card number or any other details. 

Our 1-click payment works across all of our platforms, whether on our website, iOS or  Android app. So you can save your card on our website and then use to pay on your phone. And vice-versa.

The security of your data

A 1-click payment solution is something that we have been working on and thinking about for several years. It has taken us a while because we take the security of your data incredibly seriously and realise how particularly sensitive this information is. So we have done what’s necessary and in order to create a impenetrable fortress to protect your details. 

For the curious, here are some technical elements of how we secure your data:
  • Card numbers (+ expiration dates) are stored on a dedicated machine. 
  • This machine is isolated and independent of our global architecture. 
  • People with access to this machine be counted on the fingers of one hand. 
  • All data is encrypted with ‘state-of-the-art’ tools that are commonly used in the industry. The encrypted key is very complex (256 bit) and requires a password of over 50 characters. 
  • Our architecture has been audited by a firm that specialises in computer security.  
  • The same dedicated system also communicates with banks and payment providers and is secured by a HTTPS protocol. It is designed to never reveal the credit card numbers to the rest of the Trainline architecture.

Can I delete my saved card?

Yes, of course. If you visit the preferences section of your account and go to ‘ cards’, you’ll be able to delete any or all of your saved cards.  Your details are of course entirely and permanently deleted from our vault.