My tickets are not yet available, but I want to know the prices and timetables for my trip!

Train ticket prices & timetables

If the rail operator for your journey has not yet released timetables and tickets for the date you intend to travel, or you haven’t yet set a date, you can still use Trainline to do a preliminary search or view the timetables. It’s super simple.

If you would like to find out approximate prices, just follow these steps:

Calculate a day which is approximately 85 - 90 days away. For instance, if today is the 1 st of June, then the 29 thof August is 90 days away. Once you have a date, you can use this as your estimate search date. Using a date 90 days in advance gives you the ability to know the book-ahead prices and an approximate timetable. In order to take advantage of the book-ahead prices you will see in your preliminary search, you will also have to be very quick and early to book your tickets.
If you know that you will be travelling on a Sunday or Tuesday, make sure you then also search for the same day of the week. With some routes, timetables can vary greatly on weekends.
If you don’t know what date you will be travelling on, you can do two seperate searches. One mid-week and the other for a weekend. Once you have done this, you will have good estimate of what prices and times you are looking at.

Please be aware that prices and schedules are subject to change at the discretion of the rail operator. This does not happen often, though unfortunately it is not possible to anticipate in advance. Timetable changes are usually marginal and generally occur no more than twice a year.