Why has my ticket search failed?

So you’ve just searched for a ticket and after a short loading period you suddenly see: 

Why does this happen? Well, there are several reasons for why we couldn’t find any results:


We do not sell tickets for this route.

We currently offer an extensive coverage of the European rail network. To view our network coverage,  please click here. There are certain routes and tickets we cannot sell yet though.


We do not sell these types of tickets.

There are certain tickets that we cannot sell. For example, we can’t yet sell group or auto-train tickets. To find out exactly what type of tickets you can book with us please click here.


The ticket is not yet for sale.

Rail operators all have a variety of different booking horizons. Have a look at this article to find out when you can book your tickets.


These tickets cannot be purchased online

If you are trying to book regional train or public tickets, then it may be that you need to purchase the tickets at the train station, from a counter or using a ticket machine. If this is the case, we normally indicate a warning. Otherwise, you can search for the tickets on the relevant rail operator’s website too.


The rail operator’s reservation system is undergoing maintenance.

This usually happens in the middle of the night (European time zone) and doesn't last very long. Try again a bit later.


The fare is unavailable

This sometimes happens with certain return fares such as with a senior fare. Therefore it is possible that the fare of the selected outward journey does not work with the return journey. To bypass this issue, book your outward and return trips separately.


The train route does not exist.

Or at least, the reservation system of the rail operator cannot provide us with any results. We recommend having a look on the rail operator’s website or  contacting Trainline Europe if you’re in doubt.


Maintenance work is planned for this route

The train you want to book might not be running for a particular period of time or the schedule has just been delayed for a few days/weeks. For more information, you can check the website of the relevant rail operator.

If you have any further questions, or these situations do not apply your search then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!