How do I add or edit my rail card?

With Trainline, you can use the majority of discount and loyalty cards offered by a large variety of rail operators. To see the full list of accepted cards, click here!

I have a Trainline account

To add a card, you can either create a passenger or add a card to an existing passenger.

To create a passenger with a card, you can follow these steps:

Add the rail card as you are creating a passenger profile

Or click on the + sign to add or edit a rail card to the passenger’s profile. 

  Select the rail card that you want to add and you can then enter all of the relevant details. 

Once you have added your desired cards, they will automatically be available for you to use when making a ticket purchase. Of course, you can add cards for all of the passengers associated with your user account. 

I do not have a Trainline account.

Click on the card icon on the far right.

From here you can select your discount or loyalty rail card, and enter the card number (if required).

Once you have added your card(s), they will automatically be applied to your booking. 

iPhone/iPad App

To add or edit a rail card in the app, you can follow the instructions below.

Click on the passenger’s names and then on the passenger you wish to add or edit the rail card for.

From here you can either add a rail card by selecting add a loyalty or discount card or click on an existing card to edit it.

Accepted discount and loyalty cards


  • Carte Jeune (12 - 27)
  • Carte Week-End (ex-Carte Escapades)
  • Carte Senior +
  • Carte Enfant +
  • Carte Enfant Famille
  • Carte Famille Nombreuse 30%
  • Carte Famille Nombreuse 40%
  • Carte Famille Nombreuse 50%
  • Carte Famille Nombreuse 75%
  • Carte Militaire 1ère
  • Carte Militaire 2nde
  • Abonnement Forfait 1ère
  • Abonnement Forfait 2nde
  • Abonnement Fréquence 2nde
  • Abonnement Fréquence 1ère
  • Carte Voyageur
  • Carte Grand Voyageur
  • Carte Grand Voyageur Plus
  • Carte Grand Voyageur Le Club


  • Frequent Traveller Card 

Please note: it is not possible to collect Eurostar Plus Points through Trainline.


  • TheCard
  • ThePass Business
  • ThePass Premium
  • ThePass Weekend

Deutsche Bahn

  • BahnCard 25 2nd Class
  • Bahncard 25 1st Class
  • BahnCard 50 2nd Class
  • BahnCard 50 1st Class
  • BahnBonus Card


  • CartaFRECCIA
  • Carta Verde
  • Carta Argento


  • HalbTax Abo with RailPlus
  • HalbTax Abo

Are you having issues entering your HalbTax card number? Your HalbTax card number can only be added to your passenger profile on the website (not from the Trainline apps). The card number consists of 3 numbers and 3 letters. 

You will find the corresponding number below your date of birth on the card:


  • VORTEILScard


  • Voordeelurenabonnement with RailPlus
  • Voordeelurenabonnement