Android app: what information and permissions do we require?

We ask to access the following information and permissions, so we can provide you with a better booking experience.

  • Identity: this permission adds Trainline to the list of accounts on your phone, just like with Dropbox, Google, Facebook or Twitter. In the background, we can synchronise all of your train tickets and other data from your user account. For example, if you buy a ticket on our site, it is automatically retrieved and stored on your phone even if the app is not visible or opened.
  • Location: we access your location so we can suggest your nearest departure stations. We most certainly do not store this information on our servers.
  • Contacts: this will allow you to invite your friends, so you and them can earn discounts through our Ambassador Program. As for your Calendar, we will not touch this information, it’s none of our business. Google just blocks these two together to make it more readable (Contacts/Calendar) on your phone.
We are super serious about your data and your privacy. So we will never, ever share any of your personal information without your explicit agreement.