Booking an overnight sleeper train

With Trainline you have the choice of booking two types overnight trains. We offer tickets for the French overnight trains called Intercités de Nuit and the rail operator Thello which runs a nightly service between Paris and Venice (and many stops in between).

How do I book an overnight train?

The answer is very simple. If you wish to book an overnight train within France, just enter your departure and arrival stations and select a departure time around 19:00 - 22:00. If there is an overnight train available for your route, we will certainly display all available tickets. Though please be aware that the network coverage of the Intercités des Nuit is quite limited and may require a transfer or two. Click here to view an Intercités des Nuit route map. Also, the ticket release schedule is sometimes delayed so it can take longer than 90 days for your tickets to become available.

If you would like to book an overnight Thello train, then you can follow the same procedure described above though choose a departure time around 18:00.

Can I book CityNightLine tickets?

Unfortunately not. We currently do not sell CityNightLine tickets as many of the regular services have been sadly discontinued since the end of 2014. There is also no reservation system accessible by third parties for CNL.

Can I book international night train tickets?

Yes you most certainly can. For instance, if you wish to travel from Paris to Barcelona overnight then you can use a night train for the portion in France. However there are no direct night train services between France and Spain as they were discontinued. So this route, like many others, can be partially completed with a French night train and then a transfer to a day time train.