How do I find the best route? Can you help me plan my trip?

We’re an online booking platform that specialises in connecting Europe through rail, however, we’re not quite travel agents. So our area of expertise lies in  technical support, refunds/exchanges and payment assistance. We’re here to give you the best booking experience, though we unfortunately aren’t the best at planning a holiday. So for these types of questions, we’d recommend speaking to a travel agency or looking at some of the many online travel forums. 

Below you’ll find some more answers plus some useful links and information for planning your next trip!

How do I find the best prices?

Our booking engine is configured so you can automatically find the best (and cheapest) tickets. So whatever prices you are seeing when you are searching for your tickets, are the cheapest out there. Unfortunately there is no secret recipe to finding super cheap tickets, instead you just need to book in advance, as soon as ticket sales open. Do you want to know when your tickets go on sale?  Click here!

If you'd like to know our own tips about finding cheap train tickets,  click here to learn some insider knowledge.

Can you help me plan my trip and find a good route?

If you are looking to book a more scenic route or you would like to stop over in a particular town for a few hours, you can always book separate tickets. This is the easiest way to customise your trip. To save yourself some time, you can always search for different routes on our website to compare prices and travel times.

Our blog is also updated regularly with great travel tips, advice and new ticket deals. So if you need some insider information for taking trains in Europe, have a look at

How do I find a scenic route? What are the best trains to take?

Unfortunately we cannot give you any individual travel advice. As we are simply a third party booking website and not a travel agency, we don’t have much expertise on planning a trip. We do have a FAQ category which answers quite a few planning and travel related questions, click here to check it out. If you need something more specific then we think it’s best to recommend a few websites that will help give you some inspiration and travel ideas.

If you need some help or have questions about planning your trip, you can check out the following sites:

I want to take a different route but your website won’t let me?

We have worked really hard on providing you with the best booking engine possible. So every route you find on Trainline is optimised for cost and speed.

If you would like an alternate route to what our search engine proposes, then there is a really simple solution. All you need to do is book separate tickets. For example, if you taking a train from London to Avignon and you would prefer to avoid travelling through Paris then all you need to do is split your search. This means booking a train from London to Lille and then another train from Lille to Avignon. Though please keep in mind that this cannot apply to all routes.  Sometimes you are only able to transfer at one specific station or take one specific route as there is no other alternative.

I really need some more customised advice! I’m totally lost!

Feel free to have a look at our tips about taking trains in Europe article. This should help guide you. You can find it by clicking here! It’s a long article, but we assure you that it will really help you! We then also recommend having a look at the of website: The Man in Seat 61.

If you need some help, advice or have questions about planning your trip, you can check out the following sites:

Do you need to know if you should buy a rail pass?

Soon we will be adding a very detailed explanation of how rail passes work and whether they are beneficial. However, for now you can have a look at the following website (created by the world expert in rail travel, Mark Smith), who will certainly help you get started: Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision!