If the prices are the same, why should I use Trainline?

We strongly believe that the booking experience with Trainline is more enjoyable and more efficient than elsewhere. So we’d like you to put it to the test! 

We accept all international credit cards. So you won’t have any issues paying, regardless of where you live. You won’t even need a chip and pin card to print or buy your tickets!
We charge no bookings fees and do not have surcharges. We sell our tickets at the same prices as the rail operators and earn a commission instead.*
We offer the best customer service possible.  It is our absolute pride to do whatever we can to help you.

Our customers certainly seem to agree with us. You can read what they have to say here: https://www.trainline.eu/testimonials

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*This does not apply to the following rail operators: SBB, SNCB, NS, ÖBB, DSB & ČD. Please click here for more information.