I have cancelled my ticket but have not yet received my refund. Why?

Generally refunds are credited to your bank account within a few days after the cancellation. This is the time it takes to have the transaction processed by our bank and yours.

If you had a print-at-station ticket which was withdrawn at a ticket terminal, did you remember to send it to us by post? We will need the original ticket to be able to reimburse you. Without the original ticket, we are not permitted to issue a refund.

Warning: You have 30 days (after withdrawing the ticket) to send it to the address below. You will receive an email as soon as we receive the ticket, and then you will be refunded.

20 rue Saint-Georges
75009 Paris

Did you cancel your ticket at the station, on the phone or elsewhere?

If you didn’t cancel your ticket on our website or via our app then please get in touch with us here and provide us with the booking reference. We will process your cancellation and then finalise your refund immediately. 

Refunds are always made by re-crediting the card or PayPal account used for payment. Make sure you check your account statement carefully.

Do none of these situations apply to you? 

Please send us a message by clicking here, with the ticket’s reference and we will start an investigation promptly.