I can’t print on A4 paper!

print on a4 paper

Many of our North American customers worry about the fact that they do not have access to A4 paper. Instead they are used to printing on letter sized paper which differs by a few millimetres in size. Luckily there is no reason to worry! The European A4 size is indeed the required size. Most carriers do specify in their conditions that A4 paper must be used, however due to the minimal difference between the two sizes it is not a problem if you use letter sized paper.

Why A4 paper?

The reason A4 paper is specified is that it's the most commonly used size in Europe and in the world. This is why all of the rail operators specify A4 paper for their tickets. As the ticket does not need to fit into a specific machine, there will be no issues if the paper is slightly different in size. Instead this is just a guideline to ensure that travellers will not print their tickets on a post-it note or something else of inappropriate size. 

The most important aspect of your ticket is the barcode and that it is scannable. So if you have printed your tickets on letter sized paper, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The ticket is perfectly acceptable and the barcode can still be scanned.