How do I print my ticket at a French (SNCF) station?

If you are taking a Eurostar train which departs in the United Kingdom, please click here.

On some occasions  Trainline is only able to issue print-at-station tickets which need to be printed using a self-service machine at the station or which can be collected from an SNCF ticket office at a train station in France.

The following print-at-station instructions are valid for SNCF, Thalys, Eurostar and Lyria tickets.

If you are purchasing print-at-station tickets for a departure outside of France, please consider that they can only be printed at a French station. Foreign stations are not equipped with SNCF self-service machines or SNCF counters. So do not buy those tickets if you cannot access a French station or SNCF self-service terminal. Contact us if you have questions.

How do I print my ticket?

Important! Your print-at-station tickets must be retrieved using your six-letter reference number and not your credit card. 

To print your tickets, you can use the self-service machines at the station.

Choose ‘Collect all bookings’.

Select ‘Booking reference’.

Enter your six character booking reference (e.g. SRTPRE).

After this you can enter your booking name (e.g. TOTH).

You will then be able to select all of the tickets you wish to print. If you have multiple sets of tickets, you are able to print them all at the same time even if they are for a train departing within a few days or weeks. You can print tickets any time before departure, no matter how far in advance. 
Do not lose them, they can only be printed one single time.

The smaller/less busy train stations in France (TER regional stations) may not have self-service ticket terminals, so you can either retrieve your tickets in a larger city beforehand or you can have the tickets printed at the ticket office at the smaller station during opening hours.

What happens next? You need to validate the ticket

Once you have printed your tickets you will need to have them validated using another machine. The ticket validation machines are usually found near the station-to-platform doors and on the platform. They are quite small (see picture below). You can only validate your tickets on the day of departure and no earlier. 

If you withdraw your tickets a few days earlier, just remember to validate them before hopping on the train. If you withdraw your tickets shortly before departure, the self-service machine may print the validation stamp itself in order to save you time. This means you will not have to validate the ticket yourself.

Can I print my tickets twice?

No. Unfortunately this is one of the major drawbacks about print-at-station tickets. They are only able to be retrieved once. So you need to be extremely careful to not lose them. If you do lose these tickets then unfortunately you will have to purchase new tickets.

By when do I need to print my tickets? Do they expire?

Luckily not. You can print your tickets whenever you wish. That means three months or a few minutes before your train departs. They do not have a retrieval expiration date. You are of course bound to your date of travel, so the tickets cannot be used after departure except in special cases. If you choose to print them early, please be careful and do not lose them.