Why did I receive a print-at-station ticket? I wanted an E-ticket!

At Trainline, we try to offer you e-tickets whenever possible. However, if you have been given a print-at-station ticket then this is due to us unfortunately not being able to provide you with an e-ticket.

This can be due to a variety of reasons:

  • The particular route is not e-ticket compatible. For example, many TER regional trains in France are not eligible for e-tickets. This means that for these trains you will by default be issued a print-at-station ticket. SNCF is currently working on implementing e-tickets for all train types and we’re eagerly looking forward to this!
  • You did not include the date of birth for yourself or another passenger. This is a mandatory requirement for receiving an e-ticket.
  • You have received a child ticket (available to children under the ages of four). This can sometimes render the ticket incompatible for e-ticket requirements. 

Print-at-station tickets are very easy to manage and can be printed just as easily as E-tickets. If you’d like to receive detailed instructions on how to print your tickets at the station, just click here.