Can I pre-book my tickets and pay later?

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Yes! Trainline automatically locks in the prices of your tickets by pre-booking and storing them in your cart. So you have the option of paying for them when you wish.

The price is locked in. What you see is what you will pay.
The seats are guaranteed. Our seating allocations are final and won’t change before payment.
Pre-book as many tickets as you want. If you chose not to buy them, we won’t ever charge you.

The tickets will remain in your cart until the expiration date provided and you will receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the expiration. Many tickets can be pre-booked for up to 14 days, so you have plenty of time to give yourself some options, return to your Trainline account and pay later. There are no strings attached!

If you pay for an automatically ‘pre-booked’ ticket then you will not be charged for it. Instead you can just delete it or wait until it expires. It’s another reason why Trainline is making travel planning easier for you. 

Important: the expiry date and time for the ticket displayed in your account is in European Central Time (CET). If you are pre-booking your ticket from a different timezone, please factor in the time difference between your local time and Central European Time. For example: a ticket that expires at 12:00 European Central Time will expire at 11:00 British Summer Time.

You can pre-book your tickets for these rail operators:

  • SNCF (France)
  • Lyria  (France ↔ Switzerland)
  • Eurostar  (France ↔ UK)
  • Trenitalia & Italo (Italy)
  • Thalys (France ↔ Belgium ↔ Netherlands ↔ Germany)

For a list of destinations offered by these operators, click here

Please note that you do have to pay for your pre-booked tickets through your Trainline account. It is not possible to pre-book your tickets and then pay for them at the station or through another website.

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